Asher Franco

Asher Franco embodies the essence of timeless charm, evoking an era steeped in romance and allure. His performances resonate with a nostalgic depth that transports listeners to bygone eras, where love was a melody and each note carried a whisper of promise.

With Wayne Newton at The Coach House


Asher Franco, born and raised in southern California, is a captivating vocalist who effortlessly channels the timeless elegance of legends like Frank SinatraMichael BubléBobby Darin, and the electrifying Elvis Presley. With a voice that resonates through the decades, Asher is a rising star in the world of classic jazz and swing.

Asher’s journey began at the age of 10 when he stumbled upon hits by the crooners of yesteryear. The smooth sounds of Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon,” Bublé’s soulful renditions, along with Presley’s rock ‘n’ roll anthems ignited a passion within him. Inspired by the suave crooners and the rebellious spirit of Elvis, Asher embarked on a musical quest to revive the golden era of swing.

Much like Sinatra, Asher understands that a song is more than just lyrics and melody—it’s a story waiting to be told. His velvet-smooth voice glides effortlessly over lush orchestral arrangements, capturing the essence of romance, heartache, and longing. Whether he’s belting out “My Way” or crooning “Strangers in the Night,” Asher pays homage to Sinatra’s impeccable phrasing and emotional depth.

Asher extends beyond the classics, breathing new life into Elton John’s timeless hits, singing them with the same fervor that made Elton a legend. When Asher delivers “Your Song,” the audience feels the magic. And when performing Billy Joel’s classics, Asher’s voice carries the weight of Joel’s storytelling. 

Be sure to watch the marquee, as Asher Franco is set to captivate the audience. His voice, akin to matured whiskey, leaves a lasting impression even after the performance ends. Bathed in the warm glow of the spotlight, he confidently raises the microphone, transporting listeners to a realm where love, swing, and rock ‘n’ roll intersect.

Asher Franco

“Asher Franco is a young man with a very promising career ahead of him.”



Saturday March 30, 2024

San Juan Capistrano, The Coach House

with Wayne Newton
Sunday April 28, 2024

San Juan Capistrano, The Coach House

with Bob Anderson
Sunday May 19, 2024

San Juan Capistrano, The Coach House

with The Lettermen
Thursday June 6, 2024 (UPDATED)

Rome, the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica

with Orange County Youth Choral
Saturday August 17, 2024

San Juan Capistrano, The Coach House

with Piano Men: Generations

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